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Model 6000D
Mini 6000



Remote Demarcation Interface Module


RDIM  Data Sheet


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Model 6000D Info

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p Standard RJ-11 connections

p No Programming Required - Just plug in and go

p Capable of call waiting tones from both the concierge and outside callers

p Capability of placing outside call on hold to temporarily receive internal call

p Allows all phones in the residence to interact with the system, not one designated phone.

p Automatically defaults residents phone to TELCO in the event of a power failure to prevent locking the phone line out

p Automatically isolates the TELCO line and applies DC power to the resident telephone, when the resident does not have an active TELCO telephone line.


The RDIM (remote demarcation interface module) has been designed to be utilized for intercom installation when fiber to the resident, cable telephone or VoIP systems have been implemented.  Telephone entry systems to date have been designed to interface with the phone company at the demarcation blocks in the telephone room.  With the advent of fiber to the residence, cable telephone and VoIP, the demarcation point is now remotely located in the riser closets or in the residence themselves.  The RDIM is a module designed to interface between the fiber ONT box, cable modem, or VoIP gateway and the apartment telephone network.  The module gets its power, data and voice by utilizing the single pair connection between the module and the model 6000D.





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