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Model 6000D
Mini 6000


Model 6000D
No Phone Charge Intercom System

WITH Call-Down Feature

Model 6000D  
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We ALWAYS recommend the Call Manager with this unit!

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Residence capacities come in multiples of 12 (ex: 24, 36, 48 etc) capacities 1000+


Model 6000D is the only single intercom system that allows automatic detection of TELCO service and automatically adjusts itself accordingly to allow uninterrupted service for the user.  Multi-resident buildings can now offer doorman/concierge services free of telephone company tolls and line charges. The Trigon Model 6000D is an automated switch system for use with entry control telephones-either programmable dialers or doorman stations.  It turns any resident's telephone into a door intercom station. Multi-resident sites can now offer Doorman/Concierge services free of telephone company tolls.

The system installs in the structure's telephone room where it connects directly to each resident's telephone line. Connections are made via standard telephone company blocks to assure normal telephone services. The system is comprised of easily serviceable circuit cards mounted in space-efficient racks and sturdy cabinets.

The Model 6000D provides a wide level of features including call-waiting and custom programmability.

bullet PATENT PENDING automatic switchover for all users - regardless of telephone service type (VoIP, Cable, Cellular etc.)
bullet Provides "No Phone Charge" resident controlled guest access for apartments, condominiums, and more…
bullet Perfect for high rise sites with Doorman or Concierge services.
bullet One 6000D can support up to 1000+ units.
bullet Utilizes resident's standard telephone as a door intercom station.
bullet Allows entrance to resident and resident to entrance intercom.
bullet System handles up to eight (8) voice intercom entrances
bullet Supports eight (8) simultaneous entrance calls.
bullet Generates both "entrance call waiting" and "outside call ringing".
bullet Programming through TriCom 3.0 direct computer link or optional modem connection
bullet This unit comes with a power source to generate ring tones for those residents that do not have home phone service and use their cell phone as a primary phone.

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