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Telalarm HF-2
Telalarm TB
Televator II


Telalarm HF-2
Emergency Telephone Series
Telalarm HF-2  

12h x 4.2 w x 2d

PN:  02A00311TA

Want a custom color??  NO PROBLEM!! (extra charge may apply)



The Telalarm HF-2 is a handsfree telephone emergency autodialer. At the press of a button, the Telalarm HF-2 dials a primary telephone number. If the number is busy or does not answer, the HF-2 will hang up and dial up to nine 'backup' numbers.

A call progress lamp is provided on the front of the unit for the benefit of the hearing impaired. When the CALL button is pressed, the lamp flashes to indicate a call being placed. When the call is answered, and the unit recognizes that someone is speaking to the unit, the lamp glows continuously.

bullet Emergency telephone for public areas.
bullet Security/Help telephone for parking structures.
bullet "Area of rescue" telephone for high-rise buildings needing ADA compliance.
bullet Ten (10) number rollover
bullet Low profile case
bullet 12 volt AC with phone line power back up
bullet (1) 5 amp form "C" dry contact relay
bullet Camera relay
bullet ADA "Call Progress" lamp
bullet Supports all Weigand 26 bit protocol
bullet Full duplex communication
bullet 12"H x 4"W x 2"D
bullet #316 wraparound stainless steel
bullet Up to 12 digit emergency telephone numbers
bullet Rotary or touch-tone compatible
bullet Programmable site ID
bullet Remotely programmable from any touch-tone telephone
bullet Optional Voice location identifier
bullet Optional flush mounting hardware (Accessories)
bullet Optional low light level black & white or color camera
bullet Optional armored cabled hand-set available
bullet Optional lighted hood (Accessories).
bullet Optional HF-2 offered as a "Kit" in the accessory section

Download the Telalarm HF-2 data sheet

Download the Telalarm HF-2 Manual

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Special Note
The unit shown here has the optional internally mounted camera installed allowing a wide angle lens to be activated with the call or by the remote attendant.