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Telalarm Max Tower
Emergency Tower Series
Telalarm Max Tower (Max)  

102" Tall 11" Wide - Triangular Shape

PN:  02A00311MAX


Trigon Electronics, Inc. has developed another addition to its series of Telalarm™ autodial emergency telephones. The new development is the Telalarm™ HF-2 MAX. The new HF-2MAX is triangular construction, ¼ inch powder-coated steel, 102 inches high and 11 inches on each side. It comes with a 1,000,000 candlepower blue strobe, a white area light, an optional  voice call location identifier and camera ready. In addition, the Telalarm™ HF-2MAX has all of the numerous standard attributes of Trigon's Telalarm™ HF-2 veteran. The HF-2MAX can be used with Trigon's super consolidator Call Manager™ to control up to 30 stations without outside telephone lines.

bullet 102" High, 11 inches on a side
bullet Intercom calls and public address calls through the HF-2MAX can be initiated by remote attendant
bullet Blue emergency strobe
bullet White area light
bullet Lighted panel
bullet Emergency calls can only be terminated by remote attendant
bullet Programmable site ID for optional Trigon Decoder
bullet 16 digit 10 number rollover autodialing
bullet Remotely programmable from any touch-tone telephone
bullet ¼ inch powder-coated steel
bullet Vandal-resistant polycarbonate protection for blue strobe and area light
bullet Camera ready mountings
bullet Camera ready relay
bullet "Call Progress" lamp for ADA compliance
bullet Tamper resistant cabinet security screws
bullet 12 volt AC with phone line power back-up
bullet Optional programmable voice call location identifier
bullet Optional wide angle lens, low light level camera
bullet Optional second push to call information button with two number rollover
bullet Optional cellular wireless

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Special Note
These units have terrific visibility due to the triangular shape and large decals.  These units are often installed in parking lots and garages as well as many college campus sites nationwide.

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