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The Trigon Minipak Pro is a high speed, high capacity electronic Telephone Entry System that offers resident/visitor control for up to 3000 residences. The easy to read, 8 LINE LARGE FRONT, scrolling, lighted LCD directory offers bright clear listings. Easy-to-follow directions aid visitors unfamiliar with the system.  This unit also features a backlit keypad for ease of use in poorly lit areas at night.

The Minipak Pro includes a direct entry code PIN number for each resident protected by the system. The Minipak Pro is constructed of durable restaurant grade stainless steel for decades of handsome appearance.

Programming is a snap! Simply follow screen prompts, or program remotely via a personal computer and Trigon's TrigonLink™ remote programming software.  T.E.D. (Trigon Electronics Doorman) is installed and available to turn on or off per site needs.

bullet Provides resident controlled guest access for apartments.
bullet Provides secured entry for office buildings.
bullet Assures privacy for condominium owners
bullet Built in relays allow positive entrance control in gated communities.
bullet 8 Line LARGE FONT, scrolling, lighted LCD directory
bullet Low profile case
bullet 12 volt AC or 12 volt DC powered
bullet (3) 5 amp form "C" dry contact relays
bullet Backlit keypad
bullet Supports all Wiegand 26 bit protocol
bullet Built in modem and TrigonLink™ (included with this unit)  programming software
bullet Up to 3000 unit capacity
bullet Full duplex communication
bullet #316 stainless steel in a weather resistant case
bullet Capacity includes a name, telephone number, directory code, and direct entry code for each resident
bullet Up to 12 digit resident telephone numbers
bullet 7-day clock allows the creation of automatic unlock schedules
bullet Printer support allows recording events as they occur
bullet Optional Black & White or Color Camera
bullet Optional support of various card readers

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